High School Students Learn about Health Science Careers. Join Us on July 20 for Discovery Day!

Rising 9th through 12th grade students from across North Carolina participated in Discovery Day 2022 on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. Participants had the opportunity to interact with faculty from various programs in the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and learn more about health science careers through hands-on activities.

Students learned about the roles, responsibilities, and impact of clinical researchers, pharmaceutical scientists, physical therapists, and nurses. Morning activities included learning to pipet liquids, perform Bradford assays, compound pharmaceuticals, and conduct clinical research trials. Afternoon activities placed students in the role of patients being assessed and treated by physical therapists and nursing faculty helped participants administer a mock tetanus shot and insert a nasogastric tube in a mannequin.

Discovery Days are an exceptional opportunity for high school students to explore career paths that already match their passion and be exposed to some they have never considered. The next Discovery Day will be held on July 20. Rising 9th through 12th grade students curious about careers in the health care field have until June 29 to register for a full day of fun and hands-on activities. Register Today!