Humanities and Engineering Majors

Engineering is a popular major these days, but those majors should also focus on honing in their problem solving and critical thinking skills which come from humanities classes.

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Due to a political pushback against the humanities in favor of STEM, the University of Florida has created a class to merge the two together which allows engineering students to learn about the ethical and social implications science brings.

Ottino, Julio M., and Gary Saul Morson. “Building a Bridge Between Engineering and the Humanities.” Northwestern Now, 17 Feb 2016. Accessed 7 July 2018.
By having engineering and the humanities come together, engineering students can increase their creativity and imagination which are integral for their field.

Wadhwa, Vivek. “Why Liberal Arts and the Humanities Are as Important as Engineering.” VentureBeat, 12 June 2018. Accessed 7 July 2018.
While engineers and scientists can create new technologies to solve problems, humanities majors are able to think critically about the problems that occur in a world of humans.