The Humanities and The Sciences

In society, science careers are pushed heavily, leaving the humanities by the wayside. In reality, both disciplines have valuable skill sets and together, all sorts of issues can be solved.

Crane, Mary, and Thomas Chiles. “Why the Liberal Arts Need the Sciences (and Vice Versa).” The Chronicle of Higher Education, 13 Nov 2011. Accessed 7 July 2018.
The problems in today’s world are human problems, so the sciences and liberal arts need to work together and break down barriers to solve those problems.

Orzel, Chad. “Why Science Is Essential for Liberal-Arts Education (And Vice Versa).” Forbes, 18 Apr 2018. Accessed 8 July 2018.
Both science and liberal arts studies have skills in analyzing, but each bring other valuable skills to the table. Liberal arts students understand the human complexity that goes with problems and science students understand the power of quantitative data.

Skorton, David J. “Why Scientists Should Embrace the Liberal Arts.” Scientific American, 16 Jan 2014. Accessed 8 July 2018.
There are problems arising today of scientific research being miscommunicated and misconstrued in the public. Skills from the liberal arts dealing with communication could help alleviate this issue.

Strauss, Valerie. “Analysis | Why We Still Need to Study the Humanities in a STEM World.” The Washington Post, 18 Oct 2017. Accessed 29 June 2018.
The merits of studying the humanities are outlined including exposure to new ideas, understanding others and ones’ self, and the ability to make decisions that better the larger good.