Incoming Doctor of Pharmacy student, Riziki Aloyce, excited to join the Campbell family

Riziki Aloyce

Student Pharmacist Assistant: Riziki Aloyce

Program: Doctor of Pharmacy, Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Undergraduate Experience: Berea College

Why Campbell University’s Doctor of Pharmacy/MS Clinical Research dual degree program: I chose Campbell because of its mission: to graduate students with exemplary academic and professional skills who are prepared for purposeful lives and meaningful service.

I am in search of purpose and meaning in my life. My alma-mater taught me how to utilize my academic skills to attain professionalism that ultimately leads to purposeful meaning. I believe my purpose is to become a pharmacist at Campbell. I am also excited about the small-sized classes because I am a people person. I love one on one connections and relationships. I don’t want to just be a number and Campbell seems like a perfect place to create a family.

Accomplishments, strengths, and passions: I would like to think I bring diversity, a different cultural point of view, resilience, hard work, and relentless motivation to succeed in a servitude mindset.

Fun facts about Riziki: I love yoga! Perhaps it’s because of the vulnerability that it brings and the ways it helps me fully embrace life. I find strength in vulnerability, and I encourage others to embrace their own vulnerability. I also like cooking, running, cycling, hiking, reading, and will soon be a cat and dog dad.