Incoming PA student, Alexander Oliver, brings leadership and EMT field experience to Campbell University

Alexander Oliver

Student PA Assistant: Alexander Oliver

Program: Physician Assistant

Undergraduate Experience: Virginia Tech

Why Campbell PA? I selected Campbell University’s PA program for their deep commitment to students and the surrounding community. The program’s dedication to students is truly remarkable. I’m most excited about Campbell’s desire to produce top quality PAs that can compete with any program but also grow them as people and providers in a community.

Alexander OliverAccomplishments, strengths, and passions: I have been a firefighter and EMT for the Raleigh Fire Department for seven years. I earned the rank of lieutenant for the fire department before ending my career there. I am a licensed NC real estate agent, an Eagle Scout, and a published author. I teach Hazardous Materials classes to firefighters and paramedics. I have a tremendous passion for helping others. I enjoy tracking problems. I’m looking forward to learning from others in my class both in life lessons and their medical experiences. I hope that my 20,000 plus hours of patient contact and pre-hospital experience can help illuminate what happens to patients before they arrive at a hospital ER.

What legacy does Alexander hope to leave: I would like to pursue a successful career as a trauma surgery physician assistant at a major metropolitan hospital. I have enjoyed teaching and writing as a firefighter and would like to one day write articles for the physician assistant profession. I also like the idea of teaching future PAs in either the realm of a university or in a hospital PA trauma surgery residency program.