Incoming PA student, Blake Sisson, hopes to bridge the gap in primary care by establishing better access to health care

image of Mr. Sisson

Student PA Assistant: Blake Sisson

Program: Physician Assistant

Undergraduate Experience: Minnesota State University

Why Campbell PA? I chose to attend Campbell University because of the small community feel, the family environment that I experienced during my interview and tour of the Physician Assistant facilities, and the program’s focus on community involvement. I am most excited about moving to a warmer climate and meeting my new classmates!

Accomplishments, strengths, and passions: I have been working as an athletic trainer for the past four years and am passionate about working with high school athletics as well as adolescent athletes. It has been such a privilege to work in my current high school’s community and make a difference in the health and lives of the student-athletes. I look forward to bringing my various experiences in orthopedics, diverse experiences from Minnesota, and ability to connect with younger patients to the Campbell classroom.

What legacy does Blake hope to leave? I would love to work in primary care, especially in a community that lacks access to preventive medicine. My past experiences in medicine have shown me the difference that creating access can have on the health of families in my community.