Incoming PA student, Madeline Bartausky, chose Campbell because of focus on serving the underserved

image of M. Bartausky

Incoming PA student, Madeline Bartausky, chose Campbell because of the people and curriculum that focuses on serving the underserved

Student PA Assistant: Madeline Bartausky

Program: Physician Assistant

Undergraduate Experience: Washington State University

Why Campbell PA? I was initially drawn to Campbell for its track record of academic excellence and core values that so closely aligned with my own. After interviewing, I was sold on the program’s faithfulness to these values, which were so clearly demonstrated by students, faculty, and staff that made me feel at home. I loved that the curriculum design emphasized primary care and serving the underserved. I am most excited for my husband and I to make the big move from Washington State! I know that this will be a huge opportunity for growth for both of us individually and in our marriage, as neither of us have face a change quite to this scale in our lives We are really looking forward to getting to know both North Carolina and the Buies Creek areas better.

Accomplishments, strengths, and passions: One of the things that I strive for is constant personal growth. In undergrad, this meant recognizing my shyness as a barrier to communicating with my future patients. I applied for a campus job that required me to practice public speaking. The confidence that this position helped me develop ignited a passion of mine, inspiring me to use my love of the Spanish language to interpret for the underserved at my local free clinic.

I have also had the privilege of working as a clinical research assistant in OHSU’s emergency department and as a medical scribe in family practice. Both positions have helped hone my listening skills and have inspired me to want to serve in primary care as a PA, where I know I will always be challenged to grow and serve those in my care. In light of this, I would say that I bring a growth and service mindset to the Campbell classroom.

What legacy does Madeline hope to leave? My goal is to become a PA in primary care. Most of my experience has been in primary care, and I love the “frontline” feel and preventative emphasis that it offers. However, I love that as a PA I have the ability to change specialty if I desire. Wherever I am serving, I hope to continue to use my Spanish to serve the underserved Spanish-speaking individuals in my area. It is my hope that my legacy will be one of compassion and service.