Incoming PharmD & MSPH student Abby Mintz is eager to learn how to combat real-world public health problems

Incoming PharmD/MSPH Dual Degree student: Abby Mintz

Undergraduate Education: NC State University Bachelor of Science in Human Biology 2018

“Coming from a big university, I am excited to be in a more intimate atmosphere where I will have the support and encouragement I need to pursue my education.”

What do you bring to the Campbell classroom?
I graduated from NC State in 2018 with a B.S. in Human Biology. I was fortunate enough to land a job at IQVIA where I am working until school starts in August. I was a Resident Advisor, small group leader, cheerleader and Vice President of Timmy Global Health while at NC State. I have accomplished many items on my bucket list. This includes the completion my first marathon, last January, in Disney World.

My college career took me abroad to Haiti in 2015 and to the Amazon Basin of Ecuador in 2017 and 2018. My favorite memory from my time at NC State was being selected to lead the trip to Ecuador during my 2018 Spring Break. I led a team of students, medical professionals, and translators. We ran a mobile clinic in different remote communities, and I witnessed first-hand the impact of inaccessible and poor healthcare.

This was similar to the conditions of the rural communities in which I grew up. Though separated by over 2500 miles, different languages, and diverse cultures, these trips allowed me to make connections with the two separate communities and empathize with those I was serving.

I hope to bring all my experiences and differing perspectives to the Campbell classroom.

What do you hope to accomplish at Campbell CPHS?
I cannot wait to pursue my dream of becoming a pharmacist. I hope to become a leader in the pharmacy field and use my knowledge in public health to set me apart from other students. I plan to accomplish this by being involved in the college, volunteering in the community, traveling anywhere I can and pursuing leadership opportunities. I also hope to make life-long connections with my classmates and the Campbell staff.

Why did you choose Campbell University and/or what are you most excited about?
Coming from a big university, I am excited to be in a more intimate atmosphere where I will have the support and encouragement I need to pursue my education. All of the staff and faculty have been willing to answer my questions, show me around campus and introduce me to all that CPHS/Campbell has to offer.

I am excited to meet my classmates, learn their stories and link arms with them as we all pursue our goals. I am also looking forward to working in the rural community of Harnett County so that I can apply knowledge from both my MSPH and PharmD degrees.

What are your career goals and/or what legacy do you hope to leave?
I am eager to learn how to combat real-world public health issues with the new knowledge I will gain in pharmacy school. My long-term goal is to use my dual degree to give back to areas like my hometown that have limited access to healthcare. I want to bring care and healing to these under-served areas. I plan to do this through committing to work in an under-served county of NC post-graduation.

I hope to embrace the notion that pharmacists are the most accessible health care providers by utilizing my talents and services both locally and abroad. I also hope to act as a mentor to individuals on their journey through pharmacy school or any service-related career by continuing to participate in community care around the globe.