Incoming Student Pharmacist, Amber Alcindor, brings leadership, passion for healthcare, and deep-rooted Caribbean culture to Campbell University Pharmacy

Student Pharmacist Assistant: Amber Alcindor

Program: Doctor of Pharmacy

Undergraduate Experience: La Roche University

Why Amber choose Campbell University’s Doctor of Pharmacy Program and what she is most excited about.
I chose to attend Campbell University because the moment I arrived on campus I felt accepted. The interviewers were welcoming and respectful. One of my interviewers kindly asked me where I was from, rather than assuming I was from Jamaica. Many people who I communicate with for the first time generally believe there are no other islands that exist in the Caribbean besides Jamaica. What mainly stood out to me from my interview was that Dr. Mark Moore set a goal for himself to help me become a better test taker. Having an Associate Dean already showing that they believe in me was priceless and it made me excited about my pharmacy journey.

Accomplishments, strengths, and passions:
As an undergraduate student, I participated in various organizations, activities, volunteer work, as well as a few summer internships. The Black Student Achievement (BSA) student organization has had the greatest impact on my undergraduate experience. BSA is an organization La Roche established in 2014 to increase the minority retention rate at the institution. It provides a safe place where students can express themselves and receive support from our group mentor and fellow students.

Before entering college, I was extremely shy and uneducated about the world around me, I felt confined to my island’s cultural practices and history. BSA helped me to reflect on ancestors, my society, and myself. In addition, I had the opportunity to interact with elementary students from low-income families to express the importance of education. Unfortunately, this semester our mentor has moved on to another institution to pursue her career. It was a heartbreaking time for us BSA members, but luckily, our mentor left a legacy behind.

Today, I currently serve as the leading BSA officer. I am responsible for hosting meetings, preparing group discussions, maintaining organizational goals, and most importantly keeping the spirit of this organization alive. As my time as a BSA member is ending, my ultimate goal is for people to recognize that an organization can only be successful if compassion, gratitude, and strength is the backbone. As I enter this new phase in life, I carry with me these lessons and all the skills I have acquired from learning to step outside of my comfort zone and take charge. I bring to the Campbell classroom, a young growing educated responsible black woman.

What legacy does Amber hope to leave?
I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, as well as making others know that they are important. At Campbell CPHS I hope to learn and possess the knowledge needed to become a skilled healthcare professional.

My main goal in life is to move back to my hometown and work in the local hospital to increase interprofessionalism among healthcare providers.  This will create value across the healthcare team while ensuring the patient is receiving the best care possible. I believe that all professions are needed equally in order for healthcare communities to function successfully.