Interprofessional Case Studies event focused on vaccine hesitancy

The Campbell University Office of Interprofessional Education held its first Campbell Interprofessional Case Studies (CICS) event since the pandemic. CICS serves as an excellent opportunity for students from many disciplines to come together to collaboratively work through a patient-centered case. This event is traditionally offered to students from the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences as well the School of Osteopathic Medicine and can also include students from other programs such as Social Work and Divinity.

The CICS event had student participants from the pharmacy, physician assistant, public health, and osteopathic medicine programs. The students worked as an interprofessional team to interview a standardized patient, identify presenting chief complaint, and create a treatment plan. The focus of the case for this event was centered on vaccine hesitancy, which provided students with an opportunity to develop fundamentally important teamwork skills and strategies to utilize when communicating and collaborating not only with a patient but also with professionals outside their own discipline. The knowledge, skills, and behaviors learned in the CICS event are undoubtedly advantageous to the student learners as well as to the patients and communities in which they will practice and serve.