IPE Health Sciences Research Symposium 2022 Best Poster Winners

Congratulations to all the poster winners!

Find them listed below under each symposium category.

Biomedical/Basic Science-Students

Investigating the Interactions of CBD and CBG with Anesthetic Propofol

Presenter: Linda Nguyen

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christopher Breivogel

Co-Authors: Hunnain Siddiqui

Program: Pharmacy

Clinical Case Studies-Students

Spinal Cord Infarction: Not All Sudden Paraparesis is Acute Transverse Myelitis

Presenter: Stephanie Everest

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mayank Singhal

Co-Authors: Isabel Mor

Program: Osteopathic Medicine

Clinical Research-Students

Analysis of association between no-show health visits for in-person and telehealth visits in an ambulatory care setting.

Presenter: Kayla Garris

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Melissa Holland

Co-Authors: Lyndsi Roland, Heather Faulkner, Kayla Garris, Dr. Michael Jiroutek, Dr. Emily Ghassemi

Program: Dual PharmD/MSCR


Pharmacy Faculty and Student Perceptions of Virtual Objective Structured Clinical Examinations

Presenter: Kaitlyn Parcell

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dustin Wilson

Co-Authors: Joshua James, Dr. Ann Marie Nye

Program: Pharmacy


COVID19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Statistical Literacy

Presenter: Halle Kahlenberg

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Jiroutek

Co-Authors: Delaney Williams

Program: Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research

Clinical Research-Residents

Association between Adult Ambulatory Medical Care Visit Duration and Polypharmacy

Presenter: Ashley Eason

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Katie Trotta

Co-Authors: Dr. Michael Jiroutek, Dr. Erika Schoenborn

Program: Pharmacy Resident