Laura Gerstner, PA-C, is incredibly proud to be a PA

Name: Laura Gerstner

Title: Director of Clinical Education

 I’ve never met a PA who didn’t LOVE being a PA.

What is your role at Campbell?   

I wear many hats at Campbell – I oversee the planning and execution of the clinical year with the outstanding clinical team, but I also am chair of the Admissions Committee and a faculty co-advisor to the Wallace Student Society. I also work clinically as a PA in orthopedics.

 Why is National PA Week important to you? 

As a new(er) profession (just a little over 50 years old!), it is important to continue to strive to make people aware of our profession and how we care for patients as part of the healthcare team. The need for PAs continues to rise exponentially, so PA Week also helps advertise our profession to those who are interested in exploring a career in healthcare.

What is your favorite aspect of the PA profession?

I’ve never met a PA who didn’t LOVE being a PA. There are so many opportunities, incredible flexibility, and room for growth as a professional. I am incredibly proud to be a PA and serve both patients and train the next generation of PAs.