Letter to graduates from Student Body President Bryan Sanders

Fellow graduates,

We finally made it. It is time for the next step in our journey.

I know this isn’t what you expected, but it is what we were given. Six months ago, we felt like we would be graduating into the best possible economic climate. Man, how times have changed.

Just because this isn’t what we expected doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it. We are all still graduating from Campbell University with an elite private education. We still loved every minute of our time in the creek and that doesn’t mean we have to feel defeated. As Campbell University graduates, we have been prepared to lead with purpose and the world needs us to.

As you go out into the real world, be prepared to stay confident and lead through the uncertainty. We have all been equipped to handle anything the world throws at us, so I invite you to exercise that muscle.

It is time to go out and change the world – no matter what the world looks like.

Roll humps!


Bryan Sanders

Student Body President