Student Spotlight: Lina Poindexter, PharmD Class of 2020

Lina PoindexterStudent Pharmacist:  Lina Poindexter

 Program:  Doctor of Pharmacy

Tell us a little about your personal and professional experience prior to starting at Campbell CPHS:  As a benefit of being a part of a military family, I have lived in three different continents. Because of our frequent moves, my parents made the decision to homeschool my siblings and me, a decision I thank them for even to this day. After a medical mission trip to Jordan, I became interested in the profession of pharmacy. Due to my interest in healthcare, I investigated several Christian schools that had pharmacy programs and was drawn to Campbell and CPHS. I had the opportunity to attend Campbell University for two years as a pre-pharmacy student where I was involved in the honors program and Campbell University Choir.

 Why did you choose pharmacy and what benefits do you believe you are gaining from attending Campbell?  I always wanted to pursue a profession in healthcare. As I shadowed various healthcare professions and researched their roles, I grew to love the impact that a pharmacist can have in their healthcare setting and community. I can remember the first time I saw a clinical pharmacist interacting and collaborating with a doctor regarding an ICU patient’s medical history. That experience, in high school, was the catalyst to where I am today. In searching for a pharmacy school, I was drawn to Campbell for being a faith-based institution and the six-year PharmD program. With the expansion of the pharmacist’s role and increasing clinical opportunities, CPHS is setting up their students for success through amazing faculty, supportive staff, quality rotations, interprofessional education, and focus on rural healthcare communities.

Briefly describe your accomplishments, strengths, and passions:  One opportunity that I have had the privilege of being involved in is the Campbell University Community Care Clinic. As a first and second year pharmacy student, I worked alongside CUSOM medical students and faculty to create patient care plans for the under-served in Harnett County. This experience gave me a passion for interprofessional education and an understanding of the importance of collaboration among healthcare professionals. This past year I worked as a pharmacy floor co-director where I help my fellow pharmacy students find their voice through interprofessional collaboration with DO and PA students.

Please tell us what you love about Campbell and CPHS:  Campbell combines a family-life atmosphere with a dedicated community of academic inquiry. The family-like atmosphere not only pervades the classroom but also extends to the relationships built between the students, faculty, and staff. The care and individualized attention poured into each and every student is a beautiful testament to the dedication of Campbell to develop effective leaders in many healthcare professions. CPHS, as part of the larger Campbell community, offers pharmacy students the opportunity to combine their Christian faith with pharmacy through various service outreaches, medical mission trips, and pharmacy mission rotations. For these reasons (and many more!), I have fondly called Campbell my home for the past five years.

 Why should prospective students choose Campbell over other graduate and professional schools?Campbell has many unique opportunities for students looking to develop themselves as competent leaders who can effectively impact their communities. With the many healthcare professional schools present, a rich learning environment is made available to students eager to engage their peers and colleagues in interprofessional collaboration. The reputation of “The Creek,” especially the pharmacy school, extends far beyond North Carolina thanks to the excellent board passage rates and dynamic work ethic of its students. Plus, who doesn’t like our quirky camel mascot, Gaylord? Overall, Campbell is the place for anyone who desires to challenge him or herself academically and grow interprofessionally into a leader that is adept in their practice area and prepared to holistically care for their patients.

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