Madhav Bhatt is realizing his career goals as a pharmacist and lawyer

Madhav Bhatt

Name: Madhav Bhatt

Degrees & Graduation Year: Dual Doctor of Pharmacy, magma cum laude, & MBA 2015

Current Job Title: I am currently a third-year law student, with a concentration in Health Law, at Saint Louis University School of Law. My anticipated graduation is May 2019.

Practice Site: I will be practicing as a health law/corporate attorney at an international law firm in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Job Description: My post-graduation plan is to work in health law, specifically corporate transaction and litigation.

How did CPHS prepare you for your current position: CPHS taught me the importance of diligently serving people through health care, and how to best utilize my time.

How did CPHS impact you as a person: CPHS helped me recognize my potential. I am more confidently fulfilling my career goals, and in return I am able to help other people fulfill their health care needs.

What were you involved in CPHS: I am a member of Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership Society. During pharmacy school I was a member of Student National Pharmaceutical Association, and I served as the Historian for Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc., and the Operation Self-Care Chair for American Pharmacist Association.

What advice do you have to incoming first year CPHS professional students: CPHS provides many opportunities for students to gain experience in various aspects of pharmacy. I recommend being open to trying or gaining experience in different pharmacy, health law, or health care settings (such as state legislature, nuclear pharmacy, academia, free clinics, etc.), especially during the fourth-year of pharmacy school.

I also recommend exploring different practice settings. It is important to enjoy where you work, and feel as though you are making the most impact for your patients.

Most impactful CPHS faculty/staff member/preceptor: It would be unfair to name just one person as many professors, preceptors, and classmates inspired and supported me. Strong collegiality at CPHS creates an environment that allows students to learn from professors and classmates, ultimately developing into a truly well rounded health care professional.