Meet Business School Peer Mentor: Claire Taylor

Hi there! My name is Claire Taylor!

I cannot wait to connect with my mentees! As a mentor, I will be committed to encouraging and supporting my group to the best of my abilities.

What I do for fun: I love to drive, eat good food, and laugh.

Involvement: I will be serving as a Resident Chaplain

Something unique: I want to have pet ducks when I get older – i love them!

One Struggle I’ve had at College: I have struggled with having the courage to advocate for myself. I have overcome this by having conversations with my mom – and she helps me come up with a solution and feel supported.

When you’re packing, don’t forget: Decorations – something to make your dorm feel familiar and like home

Advice for first-year students: It’s okay to mess up, just try to learn and be self aware of why the mistake happened.

About Peer Mentors

For over 10 years, Peer Mentors have served within the Campbell Business School to aid in the freshmen transition, support the BADM 100 Freshman Seminar, and serve as leaders within the community. Peer Mentors play an important role in the BADM 100 course by serving as role models and mentors to new Business School students. They help new students feel comfortable in the Campbell community and provide important campus information, academic advice, encouragement, and project management. In addition to serving, this group of 15-20 Peer Mentors receives personal and professional development training throughout their tenure as mentors.

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