Meet Business School Peer Mentor: Melissa Heath

Hello, my name is Melissa Heath I am a senior here at Campbell! I am excited to serve as a

mentor because I really enjoy leading groups and would love to share what I have learned with you all. As a mentor, I will be there to help you navigate campus, studies, and just be there for someone you can turn too.

Education: I am a dual degree in Business Marketing and Graphic Design, 4th year

Where I’m from: Manteo, NC

What I do for fun: I love to create and listen to music.

How I’m Involved On-Campus/In the Community: I try to involve myself with as many on-campus activities as possible and back home I spend a lot of time volunteering for local organizations.

Something unique about me: I am a succulent queen.

One struggle I had & how I overcame it: As a first-generation college student it was extremely difficult to understand the flow of college and get on track. I overcame this by joining a few clubs and being comfortable asking for help and guidance.

When you’re packing for campus, don’t forget: A trash can (I did this).

One piece of advice for first-year students: It will be hard and you may struggle but you just have to keep looking forward and pushing yourself and you will succeed.

Right now I’m watching/reading: I’m rewatching Z-Nation.

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