Meet Doctor of Pharmacy alumna, Jenny Wood, a PGY-2 Internal Medicine resident at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center

Jenny Wood

“I chose to pursue a PGY2 in internal medicine because it encompasses all the things that I love about being a pharmacist.”

Name: Jenny Wood

Program: Doctor of Pharmacy

Match: PGY-2

Residency program:  Internal Medicine, Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, Fayetteville, NC

PGY-1 Experience: Acute Care, Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, Fayetteville, NC

Degrees: BS Biological Sciences, North Carolina State University

What experiences or people helped you to get where you are today: One thing I valued most about my time at Campbell was the culture within the institution. The instructors at CPHS truly want to see students succeed, they are engaged both in and out of the classroom. Many instructors are involved in the various student organizations and serve as mentors to students. Whenever I had a question or needed guidance, I was able to reach out to an instructor or my mentors. Any time a student needed support, someone was there.

Accomplishments: Mentorship is a core belief for me. I was blessed to have incredible mentors throughout my time at CPHS. I am passionate about being able to give back to future pharmacists in a similar fashion. In the last year I assisted several fourth-year students with the residency application and interview process, helping them prepare materials and navigate the application process. I have also become a member of NCAP‘s New Practitioner Forum Executive Committee for the upcoming year.

Most proud academic honor: being selected as a Wallace Servant Leadership Fellow my P4 year.

When thinking about how you got to where you are now, list the most important things you did/were involved with or that Campbell helped you to do? Looking back, I would have to say I got to where I am based on grit (highly recommend reading Grit by Angela Duckworth). Campbell truly had so much to offer, and I took advantage of everything that I could by joining various committees and organizations. By being involved, I was also able to surround myself with a strong support system and network of incredible people.

What would you recommend to those interested in becoming a successful clinician pharmacist? Do not be afraid to make your own path! So much can be accomplished by being open to and seeking out opportunities.

Why did you choose to pursue a PGY-2? My interest in internal medicine began while I was a student. I chose to pursue a PGY2 in internal medicine because it encompasses all the things that I love about being a pharmacist. My ultimate goal is to be an integral part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team while advancing the practice of pharmacy through precepting, mentorship, research, and professional advocacy. By completing a PGY2 in internal medicine, I will have the opportunity to continue to grow as a clinical pharmacist while further developing my leadership and teaching abilities.

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