Meet Student Pharmacist Ivonne Santiago Lopez And Learn Why Coming To Campbell Was The Best Decision She Ever Made

Student Pharmacist Ivonne-Santiago-Lopez

“Here at Campbell Pharmacy, fellow Boricuas are waiting to welcome you and share our love and passion for the health care industry with you.”

Why Ivonne chose Campbell University to study PharmD/MS Public Health dual degree:

I chose Campbell’s Doctor of Pharmacy/MS Public Health because of its great reputation. I was full of fear as this was the first time that I had moved away from home. This was also the first time that I had been alone in the United States. Coming to Campbell is the best decision I have ever made.

The first time I visited the campus, I instantly felt at home. I was lost and bumped into a first year pharmacy student. She was very friendly and treated me as if we had known each other all our lives. During my interview, everyone knew me by name. This was something that I greatly appreciated!

I have grown so much, personally and professionally, during my time on campus. I have strengthened my leadership skills, communication, time-management, and research skills at Campbell. I also had the opportunity to complete practicums with the North Carolina Farmworkers Project, Fuquay-Varina Parks and Recs, and Public Knowledge. 

Personal & Professional Experience:

I recently completed my first year in the Doctor of Pharmacy/MS Public Health Program. Before becoming a Campbell Camel, I conducted research to identify microorganisms present in unused male prophylactics. I also identified microorganisms, living and growing, in my parents’ ponds. My research helped me practically utilize my knowledge and skills.

I was afforded the opportunity to shadow Dr. Garcia-Rinaldi, in Mayaguez Medical Center, and Dr. Nieves, in a community pharmacy. These experiences helped me to become more mature. I learned the importance of being honest during my experiments, and I overcame my fear of asking for help.

I received my BS in Microbiology with a Minor in Chemistry at the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico Recinto de San German

Accomplishments, strengths, and passions:

My practicum with the NC Farmworkers allowed me the opportunity to help the Hispanic and Latino communities in nearby counties. We organized health fairs and t-shirt drives. During my practicum, I realized that I was on the right path. I gained the community’s trust by communicating with the patients and health care providers. I love that I was able to make an impact. It fulfilled me so much that I decided to stay on as a volunteer. I also became a volunteer in the CU Mobile Clinic.

My practicum at Fuquay-Varina Parks & Rec involved teaching an eight-year-old about healthy cooking strategies. Our interactions caused her to like vegetables!   At Public Knowledge, I completed some demographic statistics among all 50 states and their counties. I did some research about the impact that rural broadband has in mental health patients, what politicians had to say about the implementation of rural broadband, and about the hurricane season in Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Maria and Irma. I also participated in two blog publications with my mentor.

Two of my posters were chosen for conference presentations; one poster will be presented at the APHA National Conference in November, and I will present my Capstone research in September at the NCPHA Conference.  I also recently learned that I was awarded the Ed & Carla Herring Endowed Pharmacy Scholarship. This is a huge help, but an even greater honor!

This past year I was the Pharmacy Representative for the Public Health Association. I was in charge of communicating with my fellow Dual Degree PharmD/MSPH classmates. I also became a Pharmacy Technician at Betsy Johnson Hospital in Dunn, and was accepted to work with CommWell by helping them survey Hispanic and Latino patients about colorectal screenings.

What do you love about Campbell Pharmacy?

Simply said, EVERYTHING!  I love Campbell’s environment, the southern hospitality, the love and passion the staff shares with us every day, the opportunities, and the students.  I bring honesty, compromise, dedication, and passion to the classroom and Campbell.  You will feel at home the second you walk on campus. You are not a number here, but a person. Everyone will walk by your side to help you succeed.  Additionally, the University’s alumni receive high NAPLEX scores and achieve residency match rates higher than the national average!

Here at Campbell Pharmacy, fellow Boricuas are waiting to welcome you and share our love and passion for the health care industry with you.

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