MSPH Student Francisco Prieto Aspires to Serve Rural Hispanic Communities

MSPH Student, Francisco Prieto

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Student: Francisco Prieto

Current Program: Master of Science in Public Health

Undergraduate Program: Campbell University Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences

Please summarize your personal, business, and academic journey. My journey began with completing my associate degree in Pharmacy Technology. After receiving my certification, I started to work at a local independent pharmacy. While being part of this medical field, I was highly motivated to continue my education and grow. I then went and obtained my certification as an EMT. Then I decided to continue and finish my undergrad at Campbell. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a dual minor in Science and Spanish. I then applied to the Master of Science in Public Health in which I am currently completing.

How are you making a positive impact in your community? I was recruited to help with a grant project through the Interfaith Youth Core where we reach out to the Latino communities that have not been vaccinated or might not be well informed about the vaccine. In addition, I am working to reach out to all underserved communities, break that existing language barrier, and bring these communities closer.

What are some of your additional accomplishments or passions? Along with all my accomplishments, I have been a volunteer at Coats-Grove Fire and Rescue. Additionally, I was able to work with a clinic system that is involved in rural areas that take care of the community along with collaborative care. This helped me as I assisted the Hispanic community so much during this pandemic that we are in. I was able to bring information about COVID and the vaccine. I would start the process and educate those getting the vaccines, administer the vaccines, and follow through with those that would need additional help. All these accomplishments have helped me with my ultimate goal, which is to apply to Campbell’s PA program, help the underserved communities, and give to the community as I have been blessed to receive.

Why did you choose CPHS? Campbell University was always a goal for me growing up. I always said that I wanted to be part of this great school that would offer so much to me. When the new health sciences campus was being built, I remember driving on 421 and saying that I would attend class in those buildings one day, and now I have done it. Campbell is such a great school as class sizes are small, and people actually remember your face and put a name to it. And yes, this is so much harder with masks, but professors still do it!

Why should prospective students choose Campbell over other Graduate and Professional schools? Campbell University is a small school that makes you feel like family. You will always be able to reach out to the different faculty members and get a response right away. Everyone I have encountered with all my years at Campbell has always been willing to help and guide in bettering your career.

What else would you like to share with us about yourself? I am married and have three children. My kids are my blessing and are my drive to thrive and grow more as a person. Many may think that it is impossible to do so much in life with family, but believe me, it is possible, and the feeling of every accomplishment is great when you have loved ones around you!

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