MSPS student, Janelle Zellars, chose to attend Campbell because of its small size, co-op program, and proximity to Research Triangle Park (RTP).  

MSPS student, Janelle Zellars, chose to attend Campbell because of its small size, co-op program, and proximity to Research Triangle Park (RTP).  

Student Name: Janelle Zellars

Program enrolled: MSPS

Undergraduate Institution/Degree(s) obtained: University of Virginia, BS in Biology

Where are you originally from: Forest, Virginia

Why did you choose Campbell University? I really liked the Co-op option in the MSPS program. I felt like this option was a way for me to get my foot in the door on the industrial side of the pharmaceutical industry. I also liked the fact that it was a smaller school and I could maintain better relationships with my professors.

Being close to RTP definitely helped with my decision making process. Campbell is so close to Raleigh, which is where I hope to establish my career. Many companies have also had great things to say about Campbell students, so I knew that Campbell had a great relationship established with them and it was clear that the programs at Campbell helped to prepare students to go into various careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Being able to participate in labs at PERC definitely helped to grow my interests in the manufacturing process and quality control process for drug development. Having access to top of the line equipment and being able to conduct testing in the facility really opened my eyes to product development. I have definitely been able to speak to the things I have been exposed to at the PERC facility in internship interviews.

 How was the admissions process? The admissions process was really smooth. Campbell was very responsive and my interview went really well. The two professors that interviewed me were very professional, but also made me feel comfortable as well. Dr. Breivogel stood out to me because he was really easy to talk to and you could tell that he was really passionate about his research.

Briefly describe your accomplishments, strengths, passions and experiences. What do you bring to the Campbell classroom? I am a former student-athlete that played softball at UVA, so I bring leadership and collaborative team skills to the classroom. I work part-time as a pharmacy technician at CVS, so I bring experience in working in retail pharmacy and learning how to address customer needs. Working at CVS has shown me that there are still many drugs on backorder, which leaves people unable to maintain certain health conditions or turn to more expensive options. I am passionate about ensuring drugs are manufactured safely and distributed to patients on time. I am extremely passionate about using the quality by design approach in product development to build quality into products and ensure that they will be efficacious and useful for patients.

What do you hope to accomplish at CPHS? I would like to gain the necessary knowledge and skill sets to execute various job functions in the industry in departments, such as process development, manufacturing, and quality control. I would also like to build on my professional development and learn how to conduct myself in the workplace. Lastly, I would like to get the word out about the benefits of being in the pharmaceutical sciences program through the MSPS ambassador program.

What are your career goals and/or what legacy do you hope to leave? I hope to become a senior director in manufacturing or process/ product development.

Please tell me about your summer internship at Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies USA Inc. How did you obtain this internship? What types of things do you do, how has Campbell prepared you for this position, and how do you see your experience translating into your longer career goals? I was a quality control planner in the QC department at Fujifilm. I applied for this position online and interviewed for it. Campbell prepared me for this position by providing me with a strong foundation in principles like downstream and upstream processing, bioreactor usage, quality control testing, and other lab functions that are used everyday at Fujifilm. My internship allowed me to see the logistical side of working at a contract manufacturing organization and learn how to facilitate relationships with clients to ensure safe products are manufactured. I learned what it takes to initially start a large-scale production project and the steps needed to address product specifications through quality control testing. This internship helped give me a better understanding of the costs involved with getting a product to market and learning to build robust systems to adapt to errors or mishaps in production. 

Additional comments you would like to share – it can be anything about your hobbies, journey, faith, pets, etc. My journey at Campbell has definitely made my faith in God even stronger. I am slowly but surely learning that God has a plan. Campbell and the MSPS program is just another confirmation that He provides the many resources to do good unto others. My studies are preparing me to go out and provide safe medicines to help save lives.

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