Orange Owned: Continuous Precision Medicine

Steven Walther

“Do good first. Do well as a result.” According to CEO Steven Walter (’13, ’15 MBA), this is the mission of Continuous Precision Medicine. 

The beginnings of the company are rooted in the concepts of innovation and service. While discussing treatment for a patient, founders Dr. Barry Jenkins and Dr. Robert Zimmerman began to recognize the need for a better way to prescribe pain medication. Thus, Continuous Precision Medicine (CPM) was born.

The ultimate goal of CPM, according to Walther, is to utilize modern technology to manage prescription medication and therefore combat the issue of opioid addiction. This goal requires scientific innovation, but is based on the desire to “deliver value to those we serve.” 

The company is still relatively new; an aspect of CPM that Walther says is a bit of a double-edged sword. 

“The problem solving related to see our young company grow and succeed…is both the most challenging and the most rewarding.” 

In thinking about what led him to this role at CPM, Walther explains that his time at Campbell University very much influenced both his career and his identity as a leader. 

According to Walther, his experience at Campbell was “instrumental in [his] journey as a person,” adding that the instruction and guidance of many professors helped him hone his communication, leadership, and time-management skills. Campbell’s prioritization of servant leadership, Walther continues, is a value that CPM “wholeheartedly embraces.”

Walther says that as CPM continues to grow and develop as a company, he looks forward to their efforts having a “wide and lasting” impact in the world of healthcare. Moreover, he looks forward to having opportunities to work with Campbell in research efforts. 

“It has been exciting to watch Campbell expand into areas of health, science, and medicine,” Walther says, adding “It would be wonderful to contribute to Campbell University becoming a national leader in research.” 

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