Orange Owned: Krush Careers

Crystal Meadows ('13) is co-owner and co-founder of Krush Careers

When Crystal Meadows (’13) graduated with a degree in pharmaceutical sciences, she realized that she “knew how to be a pharmaceutical science student, show up to class on time, and study,” but there was something missing. “I did not know how to work in a corporate environment, let alone how to get there if it was not handed to me,” she said. The next steps after graduation were a mystery. Over the next six months, she turned her attention to building professional experience, where she learned how to apply and get a job, and then how to succeed in that job. That experience made her realize that she was probably not the only one in need of professional skills. From there, Krush Careers was born.

Krush Careers is a career preparation program for sophomores through seniors in college, where students will learn real world skills and workplace readiness through a personalized curriculum. Meadows says that her company is “an innovative approach to meeting an unfulfilled need for college students. Our goal is to make their career dreams come true through industry experience and opportunity.”

Even though Meadows knew Krush Careers was something she wanted to pursue, the initial leap of faith to begin her own business was still daunting. “My business partner and I sat on this idea for about two years until we moved on it,” she said. “We knew it was something that the students and industry needed, but didn’t know where to begin. It literally was taking the first step to say, “Okay, let’s do this. We have learned that faith is not easy, but always worth it.”

Meadows recognizes that even though she is not currently working in pharmacy, her education at Campbell University has equipped her to be a business owner today. “My education at Campbell equipped me to begin my own business by teaching me how to keep people first. Campbell taught me that at the end of the day, it is always about the patient. I applied this same concept to Krush which directs the focus to the students. Campbell also taught me how to work extremely hard for the things you want. Nothing came easy in the pharmaceutical science program but I learned how to network with other students, stay connected with my professors, and continually build knowledge, whether that be in the lab or the classroom,” she said.

Meadows envisions Orange Owned as providing a connection between students, alumni, and Krush Careers, benefiting all three. “Orange Owned will put Krush on the map. One of our goals is to be the missing link for students all over the world. Because other alumni will have a chance to use us as a business provider, it is a win-win situation. Businesses will be receiving equipped students, and students will be able to fulfill their dream of obtaining a job in their field,” she said.

The goal of Krush Careers is to take professional skills learned at Campbell and through work experience, and use them to help other students have the same success. It is also a culmination of Meadows’ Campbell experience, as she says, “The support from Campbell not only launches Krush, but also provides a future for students who may not otherwise have had this opportunity. From day one, Campbell felt like a home for me. Orange Owned is providing the same home feeling, and I graduated six years ago now. To also assist other alumni in their ventures and needs is a blessing.”

Crystal Meadows (’13) is co-owner and co-founder of Krush Careers. Learn more about the mission of Krush Careers at

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