Orange Pen Award recognizes three faculty members

Left to Right: Drs. Trotta, Adams and Rich

The Orange Pen Award is given to a faculty or staff member who goes above and beyond their responsibilities and embodies the mission and spirit of the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (CPHS). CPHS Dean Dr. Michael L. Adams recognized three individuals for rising above the call of duty and helping Campbell University better navigate the impacts of COVID.

Dr. Wes Rich, associate dean for Health Sciences and Associate Professor of Public Health was recognized for his involvement with the media, contact tracing, and lending guidance to the Campbell Ready Task Force/Health & Safety Committee. The task force tracks campus COVID-19 vaccination rates and active cases using an internal dashboard that Rich created. The dashboard provides real-time and can predict and anticipate future cases based on current trends.

Dr. David Tillman, chair and professor of Public Health was recognized for his efforts with the media and contact tracing during COVID. Tillman has run the contact tracing operations for campus during the last two academic years. “Utilizing more than 60 student tracers in that time, we have assisted the local health department by conducting the contact tracing calls for all main campus students, staff, and faculty. We have operated contact tracing Monday-Friday throughout the academic year since Fall 2020. At times, we have made calls 3-4 days faster than the governmental public health departments are able to do,” Tillman elaborated. In addition to his teaching responsibilities and involvement with contact tracing, Tillman has participated in podcasts, news interviews with WRAL, Cardinal & Pine, PBS North Carolina, and several campus-based events centered around COVID-19.

Dr. Katie Trotta, clinical assistant professor of Pharmacy Practice and manager of the Campbell Health Center Pharmacy was recognized for her efforts with the Campbell vaccine clinics. Trotta oversaw clinics at different churches every Saturday in February 2021. Approximately 300 underrepresented minorities received the vaccine each weekend. A large shipment of vaccine doses allowed students who were working directly with patients to be vaccinated. Trotta also planned and oversaw numerous mass clinics on campus, allowing students, employees, and staff to be vaccinated. “While I did organize all of these clinics, the amount of student help I’ve received is immeasurable. We really wouldn’t have been able impact nearly the number of people we did without the help of all of the students,” Trotta shared.

Adams shared how invaluable the faculty members’ work has been, not just to the college, but to the University and the community as a whole. “These faculty saw a need and stepped in to serve and offer their expertise during a challenging time. They facilitated the University’s COVID response to keep students, faculty, and staff safe while they also worked to maintain their normal responsibilities. I am grateful to them and pleased to recognize them as Orange Pen Award recipients,” Adams concluded.