PGY-1 Resident Sydney Davis spent seven years at Campbell loved every minute

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“The University has helped me grow personally by gaining some of my closest friends, professionally by offering a plethora of leadership opportunities, and spiritually by constantly pushing me to strengthen my relationship with the Lord.”

Name: Sydney Davis

Program: PharmD

Match: PGY-1

Residency program: Moses Cone Hospital, Greensboro, NC

Undergraduate education: BS General Science, Campbell University

Describe the experiences, people, dual degree/courses, work, service and/or leadership experiences that have meant to the most to you and helped you to get where you are today: I have been a student of Campbell University for seven years and I have loved every minute of it! The University has helped me grow personally by gaining some of my closest friends, professionally by offering a plethora of leadership opportunities, and spiritually by constantly pushing me to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. Though the road has been tough, I have never felt as though I did not have the resources or support to achieve my pharmacy aspirations. While Campbell is a small campus, I felt as though this made all of my interactions that much more personable, both with students and faculty. From the free t-shirts in undergrad to the constant indulgence of Creek Coffee in grad school, I would not trade these past seven years for anything!

Accomplishments: Campbell has given me countless opportunities that encouraged me to capitalize on leadership positions, awards, and research. During my P2 and P3 years of pharmacy school, I served as a PharmD tutor; Service Chair, Formal Chair, and Second Vice Regent of my pharmaceutical fraternity (Kappa Psi); Secretary of the Pharmacy Student Executive Board; and President of our chapter’s Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society. I was fortunate to obtain a couple of Campbell endowed scholarships and speak at the University’s Health Science Scholarship Ceremony this past fall. Additionally, I was elected to receive the Asklepios Key leadership award from the members of my pharmaceutical fraternity last year. The dedication of Campbell faculty is what allowed me to pursue retrospective research regarding the pharmacist’s role in COPD management to improve patient quality of care. My colleagues, Brock Woodis, Jennah Badger, and I constructed a research poster and presented our findings during the 2021 Midyear Clinical Meeting. Lastly, serving as my fraternity’s Service Chair created a lasting desire to serve my community and those in need. As a result, I participated in a medical mission trip to Ukraine in July 2022 and was incredibly blessed to do so.

When thinking about how you got to where you are now, list the most important things you did/were involved with or that Campbell helped you to do? The ability to participate in many extracurricular activities and serve in several leadership positions not only improved my time management skills, but also helped me discover how to be an effective leader and communicator. Regardless of one’s career, the abilities to manage time, communicate effectively, and lead are all highly sought after qualities that are sure to set one apart. Campbell has provided me and my classmates with countless opportunities to improve upon these areas through leadership positions, pharmacy organization participation, research projects, and group collaboration. While it may seem overwhelming when first participating in these extracurriculars, I wholeheartedly believe these are what set students apart and prepare them for future careers. CPHS understands this concept and does a great job of incorporating it into their curriculum for the benefit of their students!

What would you recommend to those interested in becoming a successful clinician pharmacist? I could probably write a book simply on this one question, however; my top 3 suggestions would be to work hard, use your resources, and maintain a positive attitude. I will always pride myself on being a hard worker. While I may not be the smartest person in the room, I can assure you that I will out-work anyone and this is what has allowed me to get where I am today. As a clinical pharmacist, it is imperative that we maintain this hard-working mentality in order to provide high quality care for all of our patients. A good way to demonstrate this concept is by using your resources, such as reaching out to other healthcare providers or pharmacists and evaluating clinical literature. These actions not only improve our knowledge as pharmacists, but also provide our patients with utmost clinical care. Lastly, always maintain a positive attitude. While you may not be able to control the attitude of others, you can always control yours. A positive attitude is very unlikely to produce negative results; however, a negative attitude has great potential to do so.

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