Pharmaceutical Sciences student, Michael D. Moore, chose Campbell’s MSPS program because of the industry focus

Michael Moore

Student Name: Michael D. Moore

Program enrolled: MSPS

Anticipated graduation: 2022

Undergraduate Institution/Degree(s) obtained:

Mercer University, BS in Biology and minor in Psychology

University of North Carolina Charlotte, Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate

Where are you originally from:

Houston Tx, Durham NC, Augusta Ga, and Charlotte NC

Why did you choose Campbell University?

I chose Campbell because of its industry focused Pharmaceutical Science program. Most programs are so theoretical that students are not prepared for the real world of corporate industry. However, Campbell is very intentional with its curriculum and gives students the skills to be prepared for a job at a pharmaceutical industry on day one.

Briefly describe your accomplishments, strengths, passions and experiences. What do you bring to the Campbell classroom? 

After completing my B.S. at Mercer, I worked at 3M Charlotte for a year as a quality laboratory technician. It was a great experience because I had the opportunity to build and equip the quality lab from the ground up. I left 3M to pursue a graduate certificate in cognitive science at University of North Carolina Charlotte. I worked on several research projects related to cognitive function in elderly populations and exercise science. To pay for school, I worked as the operation manager of a gym. Some of my tasks included training clients, selling memberships, and hosting nutrition consultations. In a typical day I would arrive at the gym at 4 am, train a few sessions, head to campus for classes, take a nap in the car, head back to the gym at 4pm, work until 11pm and repeat the next day. What I bring to Campbell is corporate experience, a research heavy background, and the determination to get the work done no matter the situation. My passion to learn and grow in the Pharmaceutical industry has intensified since coming to Campbell. I hope to continue to grow in my last year of school so I am a well prepared employee for a job in the pharmaceutical industry.

What do you hope to accomplish at Campbell CPHS?

I hope to grow, make great grades, and form lifelong connections while at Campbell. I realize how important your peers and professors can be for helping reach success.

What are your career goals and/or what legacy do you hope to leave?

After graduating, I hope to receive a job in at a Pharmaceutical company in the research and development department. My career goals are to use the knowledge I gained about the business of the pharmaceutical industry to start my own company related to performance supplements or medication.

Please tell me about your summer internship at Pfizer. How did you obtain this internship? What types of things do you do, how has Campbell prepared you for this position, and how do you see your experience translating into your longer career goals?

My internship with Pfizer has been excellent. I learn new aspects of the industry on a daily basis. I received this internship due to Campbell’s direct relationship with Pfizer. I applied and received an interview. Since I started at Pfizer, I have mainly been tasked with writing and review SOP’s and study protocols. Recently, I have been involved in helping with a process validation study. I perform the necessary tests and record the data.

Additional comments you would like to share – it can be anything about your hobbies, journey, faith, pets, etc.

A few hobbies I have include working as a personal trainer and adding modifications to my 10th gen Civic SI.

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