Student Pharmacist Katherine Adams believes her pharmacy dual degree will help her to make a significant impact during her pharmacy career

Student Pharmacist Katherine Adams

Campbell pharmacy offers students many unique opportunities. These opportunities include  Doctor of Pharmacy dual degrees in public health, clinical research, pharmaceutical sciences, and MBA. Dual degrees help make students more competitive in the job market, broaden students’ understanding of national healthcare.  Dual degrees can enhance a student’s ability to make a significant impact during their pharmacy career.

Student Pharmacist:  Katherine Adams

Programs:  Doctor of Pharmacy, Master of Science in Public Health, Master of Business Administration

Undergraduate Experience:  Associate of Science, Central Virginia Community College, 2014

Tell us a little about your personal and professional experience prior to starting at CPHS:  My background is quite unique. Before matriculating into pharmacy school, I attended community college in Virginia; meanwhile, traveling and competing in national skeet shooting competitions. My shooting experience not only provided extraordinary opportunities, but also most importantly sculpted my personal attributes. I achieved numerous honors including Virginia state championships, collegiate and lady world championships and being named the ladies high average leader for the United States three consecutive years. I have applied the characteristics and strategies I used for success in competitive shooting to ensure my success in pharmacy school and in my professional career. My character traits reflect a focus and disciplined student. Undoubtedly, I understand the perseverance and motivation required to excel in the classroom.

“Campbell has provided me the unique opportunity to obtain my MSPH and MBA along with my PharmD.”

Why did you choose your degree and what benefits do you believe you are gaining from attending Campbell?  I will receive my Master of Public Health and Business Administration along with my Doctor of Pharmacy degree in May of 2020. Pharmacy is certainly my passion. Since an early age, I have had a strong interest in medicine. My anaphylaxis allergy to peanuts revealed to me the significance of emergency medicine. Campbell has provided me the unique opportunity to obtain my MSPH and MBA along with my PharmD. It is my goal that the additional education will broaden my understanding of national healthcare and enhance my ability to make a significant impact during my career as a pharmacist.

Briefly describe your accomplishments, strengths, and passions:  During my time at Campbell I have been very involved in student organizations. I have served as treasurer and currently serve as president of the Pharmacy Student Executive Board. I am a member of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Inc. I recently served as the fundraising chair and currently serve as legislative chair of the Fraternity. In addition, I am a member of the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists, American Clinical College of Pharmacy, Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists and American Public Health Association. During my first year of pharmacy school, I worked at Rite Aid Pharmacy as an intern and during my second year of pharmacy school I worked at Duke University Hospital as a technician. I enjoy volunteering at the student health center and local animal shelter.

Please tell us what you love about Campbell and CPHS:  Campbell makes me feel like I never left home. The university is nestled in a rural region of North Carolina similar to my hometown in Virginia. The environment is rich with southern hospitality. What I admire the most is the faculty and staff. They are always willing to lend a helping hand and take their personal time to ensure their students succeed.

Why should prospective students choose Campbell over other graduate and professional schools?  I have two important reasons why prospective students should choose Campbell over other graduate and professional schools. First, Campbell allows you to develop personal relationships with CPHS students, faculty and staff. Most professors have office hours where students are allowed to come and ask questions about the material covered in class. This is imperative to success in the classroom! Students will be assigned mentors that help students achieve their academic and professional goals. Secondly, Campbell offers dual degree programs. Theses program set Campbell graduates apart from other graduates. The additional degrees enhance professional education and make students more competitive in the job market.

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