Pharmacy Residency Ends After 22 Years

The Campbell University Department of Pharmacy Practice graduated its final Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases/Academia pharmacy resident this past summer. This residency was started in conjunction with Campbell University and Duke University Hospital in 1998.

Dr. Richard Drew and Dr. D. Byron May were instrumental in the development of the residency program. Both individuals were faculty at Campbell’s pharmacy school as well as clinical pharmacists at Duke University Hospital. This residency program enabled twenty-two students to gain hands on experience in a clinical setting during the past two decades. While their roles have evolved and changed over the years, Drs. Drew and May remain well respected, loved, and appreciated by their former residents, now colleagues.

“Many thanks to Byron and Richard! There were obviously many things that I learned during my year as your resident, however several of the most important lessons have ‘almost’ nothing to do with pharmacy or direct patient care. I certainly gained some precepting skills and learned how to ask questions of students and residents. You are masters of the Socratic method, and I’d venture to guess that generations of pharmacists will be better for having worked with one of the residents you had a hand in teaching. Resiliency and grit are also two traits that continue to serve me well into my career and life. I’m pretty sure these characteristics were honed during that 2006-2007 year!! Thanks for your dedication to teaching and being leaders within student and resident education.”
Megan Goodwin (’05 PharmD), BCPS
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist and PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Director
Internal Medicine at Carilion Clinic
Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital
Class of 2007 Pharmacy Resident

“I felt so blessed when I was selected for the IM/ID/Academics residency, but I had no idea just how much growth this opportunity would afford me and how I would continue to reap the benefits of this program for years to come! Byron and Richard pushed me to perform to my highest potential while also taking interest in me as a person. I am proud to call them mentors and friends. I would like to thank them for over 2 decades of service to this residency program and for the investment each of them made in my future.”
Winter Smith (PharmD), BCPS
Clinical Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences
Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy
The University of Texas at Tyler
Class of 2005 Pharmacy Resident

“Congratulations Byron and Richard! I was so excited when I first found out I was going to do the IM/ID/Academia residency! Having known you both from being a student in Therapeutics and TDM, I was looking forward to the challenge of this one-year. I grew by leaps and bounds that year, not only as a pharmacist, but as a person. It was my hardest year, professionally speaking, but your patience, kindness, wisdom and leadership were only the beginning of a great mentorship. I feel so blessed to have been one of the 22 residents you helped shape and feel even more blessed that I have been able to continue working with you since 2001. I appreciate that I can always pick your brain about anything, but most importantly, I appreciate your friendship and support. Thank you both!”
Melanie Pound (’01 PharmD) BCPS
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Class of 2002 Pharmacy Resident

CPHS preceptors Drs. Dustin Wilson, Steven Johnson and Melanie Pound feel blessed to have been former residents of Drs. Drew and May. These former residents feel even more blessed to continue working alongside them as colleagues. Dr. Johnson shared, “Byron and Richard were more than preceptors and program directors. They provided numerous life-lessons, friendship, and encouragement. Their guidance has and continues to positively impact my personal and professional life.”

When asked to share some remarks Dr. Drew stated, “I’ve had the honor to work with so many talented pharmacists, and I’m proud to see their numerous accomplishments as pharmacy clinicians, educators, and scholars. They are truly the reason this program excelled for over two decades.”

Dr. May summarized his experience by sharing, “The opportunity to create a unique residency training program with my friend, colleague and mentor, Dr. Richard Drew and attract some outstanding pharmacists into our program over the years is a highlight of my professional career. The success our residency graduates have had is truly remarkable and we were proud to play a role in their professional careers.”

The vision, leadership, expertise, and wisdom that Drs. Drew and May brought to this residency program helped shape 22 pharmacy residents. Dr. Dustin Wilson claims the impact of this program has been, “truly remarkable.” Another former resident, Dr. Libby Dodds-Ashley, said it best by sharing, “the reality is that you [Drs. Drew and May] set out to create a residency and train pharmacists, but instead you built a community of amazing pharmacy colleagues and friends.”