PharmD & MSCR student Kaylee Moore is passionate about Campbell University

Kaylee Moore

Student: Kaylee Moore

Program: Dual Doctor of Pharmacy & Master of Science in Clinical Research

Undergraduate Experience:  University of North Carolina at Wilmington Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

What do you bring to the Campbell classroom?
I am most proud of the small achievements that I have accomplished during my pharmacy school career. Working through a rigorous program is difficult and there are many objectives that must be met to stay on pace. I find pride in the perseverance it takes to excel in this program, and believe it is important to acknowledge even the smallest win.

I am passionate about Campbell University and the community you find in both colleagues and faculty members. It is easy to find your place here at Campbell, and I am proud to be a part of the magic. I am a motivated student who is eager to learn because I cannot wait to have patients of my own.

What do you hope to accomplish in your Pharmacy profession?
I am still working to find the area of pharmacy that suits me best. Campbell offers various ways to discover your fit through electives, volunteer opportunities, and varying rotation sites. I believe I would like to work as a clinical pharmacist in a research setting where I could utilize my MSCR degree as well, perhaps on new drug trials; however, I am excited to see where my interests lie upon completion of my rotations.

What are the organizations, mission trips or projects in which you are passionate about?
I am the Fundraising Co-chair in SNPhA, which is an organization whose purpose is serving our community. I am also the Treasurer of the Graduate Clinical Research Organization. This allows me to work with masters and dual degree students. Last March I attended a weeklong mission trip to Honduras where we set up clinics, met with patients and shared the word of God.

I was recently elected to the Phi Delta Chi executive board. I am the Worthy Correspondent. I act as a liaison for communications between chapters across the country. I will become the APhA immunization co-chair next fall. This position helps organize vaccine clinics and advocate for immunizations.