PharmD/MSPH Dual Degree Student, Devin Olden, Hopes to Use His Role to Empower Others

Devin Olden, Dual PharmD/MSPH Student

Student: Devin Olden

Program: Dual Doctor of Pharmacy & Master of Science in Public Health

As a dual degree student, I began my graduate career with the Public Health program at Campbell University. Under the tutelage of the Public Health faculty, I was able to meet with community leaders, government officials, and other persons of power and change that provided me with opportunities to help benefit the lives of others. Currently, I am completing my P1 year in the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program where we focus on meeting the needs of patients at both the collective and individual levels. Both the Public Health and PharmD programs have taught me the significance of having access to quality healthcare and cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

I currently serve as the Class of 2024 Secretary. In this role I: inform my peers of upcoming social/academic events, help in sustaining healthy student-professor rapport, and provide leadership and support for my fellow classmates. I am creating a positive impact by understanding the needs of my colleagues, concisely relaying the concerns to administration, and creating change without compromising the integrity of the institution.

The most fulfilling accomplishment I have done thus far was videoing my first episode of “Campbell Corner.” The idea behind the recorded forum was to get a group of students of the same program to have healthy discourse regarding their concerns and aspirations. What made the experience so fulfilling was witnessing students that did not typically converse, actually have a conversation. The purpose was to express community and fellowship, which is not always highlighted in healthcare.

I chose CPHS because I had aspirations in creating a positive impact in disenfranchised populations, specifically in medicine, but did not exactly know how. After seeking mentorship at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro, I soon realized that Public Health was the best choice for me in understanding the needs of larger populations and the tools needed to acquire and understand the information. Students have endless opportunities to define who they are by taking advantage of smaller class sizes, leadership opportunities, and quality education that focuses on the needs much of the nation is facing. And to be located in a private, religious, rural institution where your mascot is a camel? It doesn’t get any better than that!

My advice for incoming first year students: The story you write for yourself is like no other.  Yes, be willing to work hard, but be present enough to appreciate where you are now. With innumerous assignments in your emails, it is easy to lose track of time, friendships, and other important priorities. It is important to be cognizant of being enrolled at an institution where you can create change and have a positive impact on others. Be honest. Be creative. Take chances. Help your neighbor. Most of all, seek to understand and collaborate with people that are not like you. The world is a better place with diverse partnerships.

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