Physical Therapy Faculty: Deborah Constantine

Constantine Family

What is your role at Campbell?

  • I integrate Geriatrics-related content into the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program as a clinical assistant professor. Additionally, I have the opportunity to instruct DPT students in techniques designed to improve movement, strength and function. Part of my role also entails implementation of neuropractice concepts as designed by Neuro faculty.

What are your research interests?

  • My primary research interest is directed toward improving health and wellness of the older adult in a variety of settings and under multiple conditions of the health spectrum. Examples of health and wellness include balance and fall prevention, increasing physical activity and improving posture in older adults.

What have you gained from working at Campbell?

  • I have learned the value of teamwork, the importance of being flexible and the need to continually challenge myself with growth opportunities.
  • With the support of our faculty and staff I am learning what it means to communicate information in a way that positively impacts student learning.
  • Working at Campbell has given me the unique opportunity to empower students in professional, personal and spiritual areas of their lives.

What are the accomplishments, passions, and experiences that you bring to the Campbell family?

  • I am passionate about giving back to the community in many areas including, but not limited to enhancing the lives of young women in their pursuit for personal growth.
  • If there is an occasion to interact with an older adult in the community for education, clinical intervention or personal encouragement, I find myself drawn right in!

What is your educational experience?

  • My original clinical degree is a Bachelor’s of Science physical therapy.
  • I continued my education and received a Master’s in Health Science
  • As I grew more interested in higher education, I received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy.
  • I am a member of the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists as a Geriatric Clinical Specialist.
  • Consistent with my passion for older adults, I am credentialed as a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults.