President Creed’s message to Campbell community: Social Solidarity

Campbell University President J. Bradley Creed sends a message of encouragement to the Campbell community from the nearly finished banquet hall of the new student union.


Good morning, Camels.

You know where I am today? I am standing in the banquet hall of the new Student Union.

You’re all across the nation and maybe around the world today, and we miss having you here.

The campus is very quiet, but education and instruction continues. So I hope you’re doing your lessons.

This is the banquet hall of the new Student Union Building that we planned to open in a couple of weeks, and of course those plans have been delayed.

Go with me in your mind right now. Use your imagination to see this place here.

This is a magnificent room where we can seat 500 to 800 people — students, faculty, staff, alumni.

As I think about you being away today, I’m envisioning people sitting around these tables enjoying a great meal and engaged conversation, embodying the spirit of community that we know as Campbell University.

We’ll get through this difficult time, and before you know it we’ll be back here together in this place.

Now you’ve heard a lot about social distancing. I’ve heard someone flipped the phrase around and talked about distant socializing.

That’s what I encourage you to do because even though we have to do physical distancing during this time for health reasons it’s a time for us to affirm social solidarity and community connectedness to one another.

So use those social devices, those technology devices that often separate you from people to your benefit now. Make sure you stay connected with your friends.

As I said earlier you are online receiving instruction from your faculty who are doing a great job during this time, and reach out and encourage somebody today.

Before you know it you’ll be back here. We’ll be in this community together, and I look forward to welcoming you back to Buies Creek and our main campus in the days ahead.

Until then keep calm, wash your hands, and GO CAMELS!