Research Spotlight: Meet Masters student Kidra Matthews

Masters of Science students have many opportunities to participate in research at Campbell within the MSBS curriculum as well as additional opportunities outside the classroom.  In this post, Kidra Matthews shares her experience in joining the new Osteopathic Research Fellowship projects.

Name: Kidra Matthews

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Undergraduate Degree:  Bachelor of Science in Biology, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Hobbies:  Dancing, Gardening, and Cooking

Why did you choose Campbell’s MSBS?

When I first heard about CUSOM, I was told that the MSBS program was a great program for future medical students who may need to take an extra step towards their goals. The MSBS program gives us exposure to the medical school curriculum. It is structured to help students prepare for medical school by allowing us to critique our study habits.

What I find to be the most amazing thing about CUSOM, is everyone is treated like a family member. All of the staff want to help the students reach their goals. A school built on trust and family is hard to come by, but at CUSOM it comes off so naturally. I have truly grown not only academically, but also as individual. I have pushed beyond what I thought I was capable of and that is because of the relationships I have built at CUSOM.

How did you get involved with the research at Campbell?

I have always wanted to participate in research. In the future, I plan on doing clinical research on my skin condition called Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). This condition causes me to get cysts on my body that are very painful and embarrassing at times. There is no cure for this skin disease and thousands of people suffer from the condition.

When Dr. Hinkelman announced to our class that there would be a research opportunity available to work in her lab, I immediately expressed interest because I knew I wanted to gain experience on how to conduct research on my own in the future for my skin condition.  I also knew I wanted to work under Dr. Hinkelman because I admire her work ethic and passion for her career. After talking to her about wanting to participate in her research it seemed as though I would fit right in. Now, I feel like I have learned so much from her and the research fellow, Cailee Dean. I appreciate them both taking me under their wing and sharing their knowledge of science with me.

L to R: Dr. Tom Motyka, Kidra Matthews, OMM Research Fellow Cailee Dean, and Dr. Amy Hinkelman

What have you learned? 

I have learned how to make time for myself. On the journey to our medical career, time can simply pass us by.  It is important to stop and enjoy life when you can. What we are doing can be time consuming and never ending, but that is why we must make time for what we want and need to do. I have realized I am my better self when I can take time to do things that I like to do. I have also learned to appreciate every opportunity that is given to me.

What advice do you have for future MSBS students?

Stay focused on your dreams. There will be times when I will feel lost, tired, and ready to give up, but that is why it is important to find “YOUR WHY”. Whenever I am not feeling my best, I must take time to remember why I am I doing this. Find the reason that will make you want to stay up and learn biochemistry until it makes sense or why you want to learn how your brain tells your arm to move. Lastly, just know you can achieve your dreams until it becomes your reality.