RWO #40 | Dr. Marion T. Vandergrift and Dr. Stephanie Mathews talk about the forensics course’s mock murder scene

Rhymes with Orange

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Guest: Dr. Marion T. Vandergrift and Dr. Stephanie Mathews, discussing the mock crime scene students are investigating for their forensics course in criminal justice

Hosts: Kate Stoneburner and Billy Liggett

Topics: Dr. Marion T. Vandergrift, instructor of criminal justice and history, and Dr. Stephanie Mathews, assistant professor of biology, share the idea behind and the work that went into creating a mock crime scene in a house near Campbell University’s campus for student investigators taking part in the criminal justice program’s course on forensics. Just how different is real-life crime scene work from the 60-minute serials you see on television? 

Recorded Jan. 27, 2018, in Bryan Hall, Suite 3, on the campus of Campbell University.