Self-Care: Back to Basics

Whether you have just completed your first week of medical school, a graduate program or you are on your 20th year as a practicing professional one thing that remains constant and is often overlooked is the need for self-care. Self- care is nurturing our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Without fail, some of the first things to be ignored when we become stressed are the basics of self-care. Eating and sleeping are fundamental to our existence but somehow smart people, cough cough, graduate students, often disregard their importance as they become bogged down by the intensities of academics. We can promise you there is a direct correlation between nutrition, sleep, and your emotional health.  Try getting yourself into a routine, meal prep once a week and turn the lights off at the same time every night.

When we discuss self-care with students in behavioral health, beyond encouraging a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast we are often trying to get students back in touch with the simple things they enjoy. What brings some happiness or contentment to your day?  During different seasons of our lives, we will have different amounts of time to devote to these pleasures. The demands of graduate school constrain your time even more, but it is still possible to read a book, watch a TV show, go for a walk, or call up a friend. In small increments, maybe for 15 minutes instead of an hour, sprinkled throughout the day, the effects can be just as nourishing.

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