A Silent Night of Presence

This post was written by our director, Dr. Brian Foreman.

As only minutes in the hospital can do, these seemed to extend endlessly. I sat with my mother the morning after a long night of surgery. She was exhausted and barely interested in my presence with her. We sat in silence waiting for an attendant to come take her to a follow up test. That’s when I met Eugene. He came in and set about his responsibility of getting mom and all her tubes transferred to a transport gurney. It was clear watching him that his work was more than a job. He was kind. He was patient. He was peaceful.

After getting mom settled and ready to ride Eugene began to sing. Mom’s spark returned as she listened to “Chestnuts Roasting” being sung in a beautiful baritone voice. I offered Eugene a compliment and he asked if he could give me his card. That card led me to explore his blog where Eugene writes about his ministry, to offer peace and beauty, even in small moments, as he moves frightened and anxious people throughout the hallways of the hospital. Many of the stories of those who wrote a story to share with Eugene on his blog were stories of profound hope and joy even in moments of suffering and pain.

Eugene is a voice of hope. He uses the gift God has given him to be an agent of peace, hope and love. His employer, a large Raleigh area hospital, encourages his example and ministry. He ministered to me that day and again since, when I asked my mother what she remembered about the man who took her for her tests. She said, “I don’t remember much about that day in the hospital, but I do remember someone singing Silent Night, and how much I knew God was with me in that moment.”

In July of 2017, Eugene will come and spend time with high school students at the Campbell Youth Theological Institute (CYTI), inspiring them with his story of how faith, vocation and calling intersect. CYTI will be a time for students to explore those intersections in their own lives. I hope you will take the time to learn more about Eugene Taylor and CYTI.