Spread Hope and Love: Paul’s words to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 13)

As Paul’s words remind us, real love is far more than the spark of infatuation. It moves beyond the easy and the excitement. It settles in when people choose each day to be patient, kind, humble, compassionate and just. It seeks the best for someone else. It forgives. It is everything.

Real love is caring as much about the welfare and happiness of someone else, friend or stranger, as about your own.  Real love is not possessive or jealous; it sets you free to become your best self. You must decide is it more important to be right or to be in relationship.

Love makes burdens lighter, because you divide them. It makes joys more intense, because you share them.  Paul says, love puts up with all things (let that sink in).  Love trusts in all things.  Love hopes for all things. Most importantly, when all else seems at a breaking point, love endures all things.

As followers of Christ, we renew vows daily indicating a commitment to those things. We are saying this is how I will be who you need me to be, in order for you to be who God created you to be.

Spread hope. Endure. Love.