Student Pharmacist Evan Lucas is learning how pharmacy and clinical research work together through the dual PharmD/MS Clinical Research program.

Student Pharmacist Evan Lucas

Campbell Pharmacy provides students similar opportunities while providing a truly individual educational experience through dual degrees, leadership opportunities, and organizational options.

Student Pharmacist: Evan Lucas

Program: Doctor of Pharmacy & Master of Science in Clinical Research (PharmD/MSCR) Dual Degree

Undergraduate Experience: Campbell University Bachelor of Science in General Sciences 2017

Accomplishments, strengths, and passions:

I can describe my time at Campbell with one word: blessed! My journey at Campbell began over five years ago when I attended a camp on campus and first learned about pharmacy school. I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of Campbell, from working at Wiggins Memorial Library, to interacting with university administrators in various settings, to assisting with campus-wide initiatives and events.

I possess a high standard of excellence and hold my classmates to the same standard. I seek more than a basic test-level understanding of course material and strive for an applicable knowledge of core concepts, as this will ultimately enable me to better serve my future patients. I think Campbell is unique in that it affords everyone similar opportunities, yet provides a truly individual educational experience.  For example, I am interested in learning how the fields of clinical research and pharmacy interact. During the completion of my core curriculum, I have obtained the basic skills required to be a pharmacist, been afforded many opportunities to expand medical literacy skills, and even conduct research. Students’ success would not be possible without the support of Campbell faculty and staff, and most importantly, Jesus, who makes all things possible through his grace and love!

Pharmacy Career Aspirations:

I have a variety of interests within the field of pharmacy. The PharmD/MSCR programs have afforded me unique rotation opportunities, allowing me to gain exposure to both the industry roles of pharmacists as well as more traditional clinical roles. This exposure will benefit me as I make career-related decisions and progress through the remainder of the program. I hope to pursue a residency or fellowship after graduation. I believe this additional experience will open many doors for me throughout my career.

Accomplishments, strengths, and passions:

I am currently the class president and I also work two jobs. I am an interlibrary loan assistant at Wiggins Memorial Library, and I dispense medications to students, faculty, and staff via the Campbell Health Center Pharmacy. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with faculty on research projects and even a podcast!

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