Student Pharmacist Maggie Reyes took a unique path to pharmacy school

Maggie Reyes

Student: Maggie Reyes

Program: Dual Doctor of Pharmacy & Master of Science in Public Health

Undergraduate Experience: Elon University Bachelor of Arts Political Science

“After two weeks of working in a pharmacy, I was confident that being a pharmacist is what I was meant to do with my life.”

Accomplishments, Strengths, Passions
My path to pharmacy school is quite unique. I majored in political science in college, spent a summer interning in NYC for Jack Rogers, worked in finance at Credit Suisse after graduation, and completed a year of law school at a top 25 program. I eventually realized that these were not my passions and ultimately discovered that I wanted to work in healthcare.

After two weeks of working in a pharmacy, I was confident that being a pharmacist is what I was meant to do with my life. I bring a unique perspective to the Campbell classroom. I possess knowledge about laws and regulations and have experience working full-time. I am also capable of helping others cope with stressful environments.

Career Goals
Since I am still in the early phases of the pharmacy program, I am unsure what area of pharmacy I want to pursue; however, I am strongly considering a residency after graduation. As a dual degree PharmD/MSPH student, I hope to utilize my acquired knowledge and skills from both programs to improve patient outcomes and make a difference in the lives of others.

 In February of 2017, I went on a trip to Haiti with Brace for Impact 46. Brace for Impact 46 is a non-profit organization that provides funding to orphanages, schools, and a hospital in Cap-Haitien. Since returning from Haiti, I have continued to stay involved through their 208 challenge.

Last year I raised $2,496 to support one child’s needs for an entire year. Brace for Impact 46 is an organization that has helped me grow personally. It has also taught me the importance of investing in children and families by providing healthcare, an education, and basic needs in an effort to create leaders in the community and build a sustainable future.