Student pharmacist Sai Wright is the first Campbell student selected for the Johns Hopkins Pharmacy Internship program!

Campbell Student Pharmacist Sai-Wrigt

The Ransdell Family Health Professions Readiness & Enrichment Program introduces prospective students to the pharmacy opportunities available at Campbell University.  Sai Wright is an HPREP alumna, a Doctor of Pharmacy & Master of Science in Public Health dual degree student, and the first Campbell student selected for the Johns Hopkins Pharmacy Internship Program in Baltimore, MD!

Student Pharmacist: Sai Wright

Program: Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Science in Public Health Dual Degree

Undergraduate Experience: Claflin University

Personal & Professional Experience:

I attended Claflin University where I received a full-ride scholarship as a student of the Alice C. Tisdale Honors College. Claflin is the oldest historically black college  (HBCU) in South Carolina and fosters students on how to become visionary leaders. During my undergraduate career, I created a vision board related to pharmacy school acceptance, which motivated me to do well in my courses and build my resume. My experiences at Claflin allowed me the opportunity to complete biomedical research internships and conduct international public health research.

Benefits of Attending Campbell:

I wanted to attend pharmacy school in South Carolina; however, I attended Campbell’s Ransdell Family Health Professions Readiness & Enrichment Program (HPREP) where I fell in love with what Campbell had to offer their students. I met Dr. Taylor while attending HPREP, and he convinced me that Campbell was where I needed to be. Campbell has afforded me the opportunity to complete a dual degree in public health. I also reap the benefits of quality relationships with students and faculty, travel reimbursements, and a quality education.

Accomplishments, Strengths, and Passions:

Making the most of my undergraduate experience allowed me to complete biomedical research internships, receive two research publications, and present both poster and oral presentations at national conferences.

My true passion is serving underserved and minority communities. Campbell has pushed me to be a well-rounded student outside of the classroom. I am president-elect of SNPhA, recording secretary for the P2 class, a brother of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, an active member of ASHP, and a part-time CVS pharmacy intern. I was recently selected as a summer intern for the Johns Hopkins Pharmacy Internship Program in Baltimore, MD. I am the first student to ever be selected from Campbell and look forward to representing the school.

What do you love about Campbell Pharmacy?

Campbell faculty members want students to succeed and do well, and they are willing to offer assistance outside of the classroom. When networking at conferences, I have learned that other pharmacy students are envious of Campbell’s program design. I love that the CPHS educational experience is unique and provides a holistic family approach while encouraging students to be outstanding health care providers.

Why Campbell Pharmacy Over Other Programs?

Campbell provides a professional, quality education where students are never a number. The family atmosphere uplifts students and encourages them to be involved in the community. Students are blessed to be able to receive conference/travel reimbursements through the Pharmacy Student Executive Board (PSEB). Furthermore, the extracurricular opportunities in which you can become involved are unlimited!

Johns Hopkins University Pharmacy Intern:

I am so humbled to share that I have been selected as a summer pharmacy intern at Johns Hopkins University. The program seeks highly motivated, independent, hard-working, personable and well-rounded candidates. Pharmacy students must be in their second year to submit an application.  Selected students undergo a phone interview and then final selections are made. This internship will grant me the prestigious opportunity to work alongside a preceptor, conduct research, participate in topic discussions, and shadow specialty pharmacy areas. As the first pharmacy intern ever chosen from Campbell University, I am excited to represent my school and spend the summer in Baltimore, Maryland.

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