Student Profile: The Power of Mentoring

Student participating in mentoring

Skylar Raynor (’22) believes in the power of mentoring, which is why she is actively engaged on CamelLink. 

CamelLink, a new digital mentoring platform hosted by the Alumni Association, allows Campbell students and alumni to create meaningful connections focused on mentoring relationships as well as networking opportunities, career exploration, professional development, and more.

“I think a mentoring program is beneficial, if not essential for college students,” Raynor explains, saying that seeing the application of the knowledge and skills the students have gained and learning from the actions and accomplishments of other people can ease their transition into a career. 

Having had multiple mentors and being one herself in several capacities, Raynor has a unique perspective on the benefits of mentoring for both sides. “Mentoring is so valuable in that it not only helps me learn and grow as an individual, but it offers my own mentors [the ability] to do the same. Having a mentor also aids in giving a different perspective on a situation and offers various ways to find solutions” she says.

Raynor’s mentors have helped her in all areas of her life, adding “I would not have the skills that I have today without the mentors I have had in the past”.

As a junior psychology major, Raynor is looking at graduate programs and planning her next steps. She was excited to use CamelLink, adding that the platform has made her search for alumni mentors with her major and with similar interests remarkably easy. Since joining CamelLink, Raynor has received advice on graduate school and has been offered a job shadow opportunity.

Raynor encourages other students to join CamelLink saying, “CamelLink offers a safe way for students to connect with others in their career field and to grow in their professional skills…These people [alumni] want to see you grow and succeed”.

CamelLink is open to all Campbell students and alumni. To join CamelLink, visit If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at