Student Pharmacist Ikenna Okafor believes there is no limit to his pharmacy career

Student Pharmacist Ikenna Okafor

It is an exciting time to pursue a pharmacy career and students graduating from Campbell’s Doctor of Pharmacy have a wide range of career opportunities available to them. Examples include specialties in internal medicine, infectious disease, roles in management, and CEO of a pharmaceutical company.

Student Pharmacist:  Ikenna Okafor

Program:  Doctor of Pharmacy

Undergraduate Experience:  BS Molecular Biology, East Carolina University, 2017

Tell us a little about your personal and professional experience prior to starting at CPHS:  Prior to Campbell, I attend East Carolina University. I was a member of the Habitat for Humanity ECU Chapter for the four years I attended and became president my senior year. During my second semester of my freshmen year, I accepted a job as a resident advisor. I won Residence Hall RA of the year award my junior year of college. As of now, I have visited my parent’s village in Nigeria four times since 2016 and plan on going again in 2019.

Why did you choose your degree and what benefits do you believe you are gaining from attending Campbell?  The reason I chose to become a pharmacist was the endless possibilities within the profession. From specialties in internal medicine, infectious disease, and roles in management, you can even become the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. There is no limit to this degree.

Briefly describe your accomplishments, strengths, and passions:  I recently set up a free flu clinic for the members of my church. We have a large percentage of members who do not have insurance so this was a perfect opportunity for them to become vaccinated. During the whole process, I really enjoyed making sure everything ran according to plan. My strengths have always been determination and planning, which I was able to use to my advantage. The flu clinic really showed me that my passion is helping my community to be healthy today and in the future. What I bring to Campbell is my ability to be positive, especially when situations are not the best and to see each situation through to the end.

Please tell us what you love about Campbell and CPHS:  Campbell has provided me the opportunity to grow as a man and to become a successful pharmacist. This will open many doors me for and give me the tools to make sure my community is well cared for.

Why should prospective students choose Campbell over other graduate and professional schools?  Here at Campbell, we are a family and no one cares more about you more than family.


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