Student Union FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there going to be a station for people with certain food needs?
There is an allergen awareness area in Gaylord’s Kitchen, although we encourage students to continue working with the culinary team directly for any specific needs.

How will smoothies, snacks and concessions be incorporated into the meal plans?
Meal swipes will be a purchasing option at all dining services in the student union.

Will there be a performance space like the small stage in the old Oasis?
Yes. The tables by the window in the new Oasis can be removed and a stage can be added. Campus Activities Board is already planning performing arts events.

Can students who choose not to purchase a meal plan use debit/credit cards and cash for dining?
Yes, Dining Services accepts cash, MasterCard, Visa, Camel & Creek Bucks at all locations in the union and across campus.

Gaming Room

Is gameplay for the arcade games and video games in the student union?
The games are free with the exception of the claw machine. Students will be able to check out gaming equipment at the Info Desk with a valid Campbell ID.

Fitness Center

Will the current fitness spaces in Carter Gym and the Convocation Center remain open?
Carter Gym facilities will remain open to all students, but Holding Fitness Center will be replaced by the new Fitness Center in the union.

Will students pay to use the equipment or take classes?
No, fitness facilities will be free with a current Campbell ID.

Is there a showering area to use after working out?
Yes, there are two shower rooms available.

Do faculty have access to the fitness center?
Yes, faculty can access the fitness center with a current Campbell ID.

Movie Theater

How many seats are in the movie theater?

Do graduate students and faculty get to go to movies for free as well?
Yes, the movies will be accessible with your Campbell ID

How often will movies be played?
Currently they are planned to be shown on Friday and Saturday nights, every other week, however this is subject to change. We may have two showings a day depending on demand.

What is the price to view a movie?
Movies will be free with a current Campbell ID

Will students reserve tickets online ahead of time?
The theater will seat students on a first-come, first-served basis. In lieu of reserving physical tickets, students will swipe their current Campbell ID to enter the theater.

Employment and accessibility

Will the area be student worker or will hiring new personnel?
Student workers will be hired to staff the student union. Please contact Anna Bose in the Administration office ( for more information.

How can faculty and staff reserve conference rooms?
Please contact Anna Bose in the union Administration office ( for information about reserving space.

Will alumni be able to access the student union?
Alumni are welcome to visit the facility, but the fitness center, game room and movie theater will only be accessible with a currently valid Campbell ID unless they are being used for an alumni event.

Will the ballroom be accessible to students during the day?
The ballroom will not be open when there is not an event taking place. There are already myriad events scheduled for the fall semester.

Will the student union be accessible to students that commute to campus?
Yes, the student union was designed with commuters in mind. There will be lockers specifically for commuters that can be checked out at the Information Desk.

Will students be able to park in the new parking lot adjacent to the building?
The parking lots will be visitor lots with a timed parking limit. The union is located at the center of campus and is a short walk from most buildings, where student parking is widely available.