Students engage entrepreneurs at ConvergeSouth

WINSTON-SALEM – Campbell students were among hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders at the ConvergeSouth Conference last week at Winston Starts, a startup incubator in Winston Salem.

“We spent the day networking with local business leaders learning about their newest ventures and I look forward to following-up with a few of them to help them further their mission,” said Jessie Norberg, a third year Economics-pre law & Business admin major from Cambridge, MN. “My favorite quote of the day came from our keynote speaker Bea Wray, ‘listening can be summed up by the acronym WAIT: Why Am I Still Talking.”

This experience was part of the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business’s strategy to connect students to the growing regional business ecosystems.

“When students get out of the ‘Creek,’ good things happen.  Connections are made.  Learning happens.  Internships are secured.  The ConvergeSouth conference was no different,” commented Scott Kelly, Director of Entrepreneurship at Campbell.

Cailyn Culbreth, a 3rd year Management major from Dunn said, “The trip was very informative and gave me different aspects of the entrepreneurships there. I’m glad I was able to attend.”