Summer Scholars: Meet Abby Daniels

Name: Abby Daniels

Hometown: Mocksville, NC

Prior universities and degrees earned: 
Western Carolina, Bachelor of Science in Biology
Campbell University, Master of Science in Biomedical Science

Hobbies:  I enjoy being outside in nature whether it be camping, fishing, hiking, or archery.  I love playing with my dogs, Jolene and Norton, and spending time with my family.

Jo & Nort

Name of your MSSRS project and your role in the research:
“Analysis of pediatric safety restraint use in a rural emergency department.”

My role as a student researcher was to organize the distribution of surveys to the parents and/or guardians of pediatric patients in the Southeastern Regional Medical Center Emergency Department.  I would collect the data received and input the information into our database to later analyze.  When I was not actively collecting data, I had the opportunity to shadow the residents and physicians while in the Emergency Department.

Why did you choose to participate in the summer scholars program and/or what you are learning from the experience:

I chose to participate in the Summer Scholars program to expand my experience regarding research and clinical practice.  While being involved in the research, I have also been able to shadow the residents and attendings in the Emergency Department.  I have been able to take the knowledge I have gained from my first year of medical school and apply it to patients I have seen come into the ED.  The experience I have had has been invaluable to my medical education.  I have watched many procedures, discussed patient cases thoroughly, and have learned the process of seeing a patient from start to finish.  I will take these experiences with me throughout my career and use them to make myself a better physician.

Advice to MS-I’s and future medical students:
My #1 piece of advice to MSI’s and future medical students is to make sure you are taking care of yourself! Medical school, and life in general, is always going to be challenging at times.  It is so important to make sure your mental health is appropriately cared for in order to face those challenges.  Take time to do the things you love outside of medical school, spend time with your friends and family, and just take a break sometimes!!  Having a well rested mind can make a world of difference.