Summer Scholars: Meet Celeste Gracey

Name: Celeste R. Gracey

Hometown: Kirkland, WA

Undergrad: Bachelor of Arts in Communications-Journalism from the University of Washington

Hobbies: Hiking, family bike rides, and baking/cooking.

What was the name of your MSSR project: An Investigation of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy within Rural Regions of North Carolina

Why did you choose to participate in the summer scholars program?
Summer Scholars is an amazing opportunity to get connected to the research community at Campbell and in North Carolina. My research is also on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Not only has vaccine hesitancy in my home state led to measles outbreaks, but the first major COVID-19 outbreak in the US occurred in the neighborhood where I grew up. Vaccines are the most significant advancement ever made in medicine. Understanding why people are uncertain about them and learning how to address those concerns will only increase that impact.

Advice to MS-I’s and future medical students: Change your definition of success. Perfect grades and high scores may have played an important role in making it this far, but you are about to enter a world where your success is not limited by what the people sitting on your left and your right are doing. While passing classes alone is truly a triumph, the deluge of information does not let up after an exam. Everything has to be done with sustainability and persistence in mind, which means it is essential to build experiences into your schedule that reenergize your body and spirit.

SD Gracey with her family in Tatoosh Ranges at Mt. Rainier National Park (from left) Celeste, James, Mark, and Daniel.