Summer Scholars: Meet Marissa Patterson

Name: Marissa Patterson

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Prior Universities and Degrees: University of San Diego, BA in Biochemistry and minor in Business Administration

Summer Scholars Project: The Hardest of Hearts

What is Your Role in the Project? I am working with Dr. Newton to organize and analyze data that looks at the empathy scores and residency choice of medical students during their four years of school.

Why Did You Choose to Participate in the Summer Scholars Program?
I chose to participate in the Summer Scholars Program because it is the perfect balance between having a productive summer, and being able to relax a little bit. It was a privilege to be selected and put CUSOM’s research resources to use.

Who Do You Hope to Impact with this Project?
I hope to provide valuable information and insights for medical students and schools on the development and role of empathy during a student’s journey to becoming a physician.

What are Your Hopes and Plans After Graduation? Since I’m undecided, all I can hope and plan for right now is to be a great physician.

What are Your Passions and Hobbies Outside of Medicine? I enjoy backpacking, scuba diving, traveling, and going to Trader Joe’s.

What is Something You Would Go Back and Tell Yourself Before Starting Medical School?
Focus on your own academic struggles and successes. At the end of the day, you will all become doctors if you put in the effort.