Summer Scholars: Meet Sarah Hunderup

Name: Sarah Hunderup

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Prior Universities and Degrees: Bachelors of Arts in Biology with a minor in Health and Wellbeing, University of Virginia

Title of Project: Development of novel transformation procedure to modify the mitochondrial genome

What is Your Role in the Project?
Summer lab tech conducting the experiments to modify the mitochondrial DNA and then extract the DNA to test with PCR to see if the DNA was edited.

Why Did You Choose to Participate in the Summer Scholars Program?
Research is an important foundation of medicine helping to improve the lives of patients every day and is something we all will be participating in at one point or another. I have not worked on a research project outside of a structured class setting previously, so I wanted to gain research skills with a mentor that I could use for years to come and would help me become a better physician. Working with Dr. Lushia has been great!  He takes the time to walk us through what each technique does and how it helps us get the answers we are looking for.

What are Your Hopes and Plans After Graduation?
I am very passionate about Women’s Health, so I am currently hoping to pursue a career in OB/GYN and potentially a fellowship in Endocrinology and Fertility.

What are Your Passions and Hobbies Outside of Medicine?
I love to craft. I am often picking up new crafting hobbies such as embroidery or finger crochet. I also love to hang out with my dog, Gorgonzola.

Who Do You Hope to Impact with this Project?
I hope not only improve my own research skills, which will benefit all of my future patients, but also help to continue with Dr. Lushia’s groundbreaking work at modifying mitochondrial DNA, which may in the future help save lives.

What is Something You Would Go Back and Tell Yourself Before Starting Medical School?
That you’re smart enough to do it and you deserve to be here just like everyone else.

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