Summer Scholars: Meet Sumiyah Enayet

Name: Sumiyah Enayet

Hometown: Cary, NC

Undergraduate: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, Minors in Chemistry and Broadcast Journalism

Masters: Columbia University, Masters of Science in Nutrition

Hobbies: I love to spend time with my two cats named Zuko and Katara, play video games, run, sing, draw and sew!
student playing piano

Name of your project and your role in the research: “Outcomes for Intensive Interventions in Tertiary Clinical Pediatric Weight Management Program”, Research Assistant for Dr. Samareh Hill and Dr. Shirley Huang at WakeMed

Why you chose to participate in the summer scholars program and/or what you are learning from the experience: Research is the foundation for new innovations in medicine and is vital for improving treatment and shaping policy. During my masters program, I enjoyed conducting research and learning more about nutrition and obesity. I saw Summer Scholars as a valuable opportunity to get more research experience and learn more about a topic I am passionate about. I have been able to learn about targeting the multiple facets of health when treating patients and meeting patients where they are in order to help them reach their health goals.

Advice to MS-I’s/future medical students: Take everything one day at a time and focus on becoming a better version of yourself everyday rather than comparing yourself to others. Find something you love to do outside of school for the days you need a break, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!
female student with cat