Thank a Giver Day Reflections

When I first started as a student at Campbell, I learned about Tag Day (Thank A Giver Day). I remember walking around campus and seeing the orange tags magically appearing all around campus. Little did I know that a few short years later I would end up being the one magically making tags appear on campus. I never really understood the importance behind this day and these tags that are displayed around campus.

It was only until I was given the opportunity to work as the graduate assistant for the Office of Annual Giving that I fully understood their importance.

A part of my job was to help plan and execute this massive event. I’ve spent months planning TAG Day with several other amazing people in my office. My main responsibility was making sure that all of our orange tags where put everywhere on campus. And no, I didn’t get to decide where I wanted to hang the tags. I had an Excel spreadsheet that I followed telling me where exactly to place the tag and what size it needed to be. It was a little over 400 tags, but who’s counting right?

Wednesday, February 9 was finally the big day that I had been planning and waiting for. After the event, I was extremely tired and exhausted but so thankful because I learned how important it is to thank the donors who have given so I can receive an amazing education. The scholarships I’ve received and the buildings on Campbell’s campus didn’t just appear. It took money to make those things happen.

The donors who gave to Campbell made it happen.

They each have a name and their own story. They love Campbell and the students enough to give back so students like me could make the same impact on someone else’s life one day in the future. It’s very easy to believe that things just appear but they don’t, a lot of work goes into making something happen. I’ve definitely learned that through helping with TAG Day.

Thank you to all of the donors who have given and will give in the future. You’ve given me the opportunity to make a positive impact on others. Thank you for giving me that chance.